Pronti is your outfit planner

how to use the PRONTI. outfit planner

1. download the app

pronti life productivity hack

2. upload the items from your closet

hint: start with your favourite items and one occasion or style
digital closet

3. get outfit recommendations

how to put together your outfit

the perfect outfit based on:

check out the weather before choosing an outfit.

This wardrobe app lets you see what the weather looks like on your location before choosing what to wear. This way you will never find yourself in the rain without a jacket!

the weather


a quick look at your calendar can help you choose the right outfit.

Having your calendar on your home page lets you know if you might need to dress up with a business casual outfit, a Zoom interview outfit, or just some yoga pants and a sweater.

your calendar


log your mood for a better outfit recommendation.

Did you know that your mood affects how you dress?

Recent studies have shown that how you are feeling affects your decisions on what to wear.

Pronti’s AI technology gives you outfit recommendations based on your logged mood.

your mood


choose the occasion or style you are dressing for.

Whether you are dressing for a formal occasion as a wedding, or a coffee meeting where you need to dress in a smart casual outfit, Pronti has you covered!

the occasion or style


teaching PRONTI about what you like:

here you can replace specific clothing items from the outfit.

If the outfit looks perfect but you really want to use those new shoes you bought...well, you can replace them! Plan your outfit the way you like it and PRONTI will learn your style in the process!



click “wear now” to log what you wear.

PRONTI wants to know what you are wearing every day!

This way it understands how you like to dress. It is like giving a personal stylist an outfit log for them to get to know you.

wear now


let Pronti know which outfits are NOT your style by selecting the trash can.

If you are the kind of person that would never match two bright colors together, or wear metallic during the day, let PRONTI know that!

PRONTI wants to learn your style and gets smarter every day!

not your style


let Pronti know which outfits you like by selecting the heart.

Keep a log of your favorite outfits! PRONTI’s smart closet will keep track of what you love to wear!



4. explore your curated items

Personal shopper

Because PRONTI knows your style, it can help you shop for new clothing items to add to your wardrobe.

You can shop in two ways!

Explore your curated shopping town or shop with your closet items. Both help you find items that go with the clothes you already have. Find perfect additions to your closet! PRONTI’s smart stylist helps you optimize your closet and get one step closer to sustainable fashion.

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