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founders beta

A great article on the innovation at Pronti

Why did I keep this?

Mila, our founder, was interviewed by the Canadian Women's Network Silicon Valley.

Shop with your closet was picked up for publication in the news!

founders beta

Pronti was featured in FoundersBeta's article: "Top 15 Waterloo Hottest Tech Companies"

Why did I keep this?

A podcast about the things that have been living in the back of our closets, why we can't let things go, and our relationship with material goods.

Mila, our founder, talks about butterfly clips, “dirty bobbies”, and how fun, practical and transformative a good wig can be.


Pronti was featured in a company spotlight on one of the largest tech communities in Canada - TechTO.

Read about what problem Pronti is solving, our vision, and our mission with fashion sustainability.


Read about Pronti’s innovative technology and how the CENGN project allowed Pronti to leverage the benefits of GPUs in machine learning.

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