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The Pronti closet is where you can upload the clothes you own.

When you take a picture of the item from your wardrobe with the app, Pronti will crop and identify the image and add them to your digital closet. You must also add them to occasions, and then Pronti can uses these images to show you outfit recommendations.

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View your closet items by occasion

In your closet, you can see your items sorted by different occasions.


Bulk or Group item changes

  • Enter Bulk Edit Mode

    You can add your clothing to other occasions, remove your items from an occasion, or delete your clothes in bulk. To enter bulk edit mode, you need to press the three dots on the top of the screen.

  • Add Your Items to Occasions

    To add your clothes to occasions select your items in bulk edit mode and press “ADD TO OTHER OCCASIONS”. Then select the occasions you use that item in and press “add”.

  • Remove Items From Occasions

    To remove from items from the occasion you are viewing them in, select the clothing in bulk edit mode and press the trash can. Then, select “remove items from this occasion”.


  • Stock Items

    When you onboard to the app, your closet will have multiple stock items in it. This is to help you understand what Pronti looks like with your clothes in the app. We have also added the stock items to your Pronti closet to help you have some basic items already uploaded.

  • Removing Stock Items in Your Closet

    You can choose to delete a single stock item or remove all stock items.

    To remove the stock items from your closet, go to the stock item in your closet and select it to see its page. Scroll down to “delete item”. In this screen you can also choose to “delete all stock items” if you wish to delete them all.

  • Remove All Stock Items From the Menu

    Another way of disabling stock items is to go to the Menu and select My Style Preferences, then select the Stock Images card and use the to enable or disable stock items from your closet.


Taking a great photo helps Pronti's ability to crop your photo perfectly.

Take a look at the Pro Photo tips page for ways to improve.

We are continuing to work on improving our cropping feature!

If you uploaded you clothes, and Pronti didn’t crop your items properly, don’t worry! We kept your original photos. When we improve our cropping system, we will have your clothing items cropped properly automatically.

Thank you for your patience!


  • Editing Details

    You can edit an item’s details by clicking on the item from your closet. You can edit the occasions you wear an item in, the category of your clothing item, and the colors of your item.

  • Editing The Category

    Sometimes Pronti will automatically categorize your item incorrectly. In this cases you can manually edit an item’s category.

    You can not change the Stock images’ category.

  • Editing The Colours

    Pronti is learning every day and is improving constantly! However, it may not read your item’s color correctly.

    If your item’s color is not correct, you can change your it’s color details manually. This will help Pronti match your clothes better and give you more “tasteful” outfit suggestions.

  • Editing The Occasions

    Tag your items with the occasion/style you use them in. This way Pronti learns how you dress and which clothing items you wear for each occasion.

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