home screen tutorial

Home Screen

  • Weather

    Enable your location on the app for Pronti to show you the weather each day. This will allow you to make better decisions when choosing an outfit. You can tap the temperature to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • Calendar

    Enable your calendar on the app for Pronti to show you the events you have each day. This will allow you to know what outfit to choose base on what affairs you have in the day.

  • Mood

    Research shows that our mood impacts what we choose to wear each day. Let Pronti know how you are feeling for an outfit recommendation that will make you feel comfortable.

  • Occasion or Style

    Choose the occasion or style that better fits your day. You need to have at least two tops and two bottoms tagged in one occasion for the recommender to give you outfit suggestions.

  • Add Occasion

    You can create your own occasions or styles by going to the last occasion card in your home page and clicking on “Add new”. You can add occasions to your closet that mean whatever you want. Pronti learns your way of dressing.

    add occasion

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