uploading to the closet tutorial

How to Upload to your Closet

  • Expand the closet menu

    Click on the “+” at the top of the Pronti closet screen to upload your clothing.

  • Uploading Options

    You can choose between:

    1. Uploading clothing photos from the web.
    2. Uploading a photo from your phone gallery.
    3. Taking the picture of your clothing right from the app.

  • Choose The Occasions Or Styles For The Item

    After uploading your items, remember to tag them in the occasions you use them in.

    If not, the item will not appear in any outfit recommendations because it is not linked to an occasion card.

    You can scroll through the arrows at the top of the Closet to see what occasions have what clothing items.

Uploading Clothing Photos From The Web

  • You can upload your closet items by searching them on Google Images.

    For better finds, search a description of your item with the brand name.
    For example, “women black skinny jeans Theory”.

    1. Select the item that resembles your clothing item. Try to avoid model shots (shots with a person wearing it). These will not work well with the background removal. Product shots will crop and look the best in your closet.
    2. Take a screenshot of the clothing item in the web by selecting “take a screenshot”.

    1. Crop the screenshot so that you remove any text and it only shows your clothing item.
    2. You can add the cropped screenshot of your clothing item and either continue adding your closet from the web, or add it and exit.

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